About Us

Who We Are:

We view ourselves as “dream builders.” For over 30 years, we’ve been building dreams in natural wood, native rock, steel, glass and stone…dream homes with the greatest of attention to design, materials, unique details and the environment. Though each project begins as a dream, in the end we think it is our quality craftsmanship and integrity that you will remember.

Malmquist Construction offers unsurpassed expertise in building luxury custom homes. We are widely recognized for our extraordinary workmanship and unparalleled customer satisfaction. We are known for our meticulous planning and attention to detail. Additionally, we’ve been told by many clients that we’re a fun and wonderful group to work with. When you partner with Malmquist Construction, not only will you get the home of your dreams, but you’ll enjoy the journey along the way.

We also honor the environment and place great importance on the land on which your home will stand. Whether your new home is located on a lake, a mountainside or in the woods, we recognize the artistic rewards reaped by incorporating the natural surroundings into your final creation. Our design partners can fulfill your desires to take advantage of optimum views, preserving your site’s natural beauty.

From site selection, plans to the completion of your home, Malmquist is committed to surpassing the expectations of every customer and producing an heirloom-quality home of the greatest possible value. The time and care Malmquist Construction puts into every step of the construction process is evident in the finished product. This makes it easy for us to back your custom home with a warranty and our “we make things right” pledge.




Our Values:

RELATIONSHIPS - The relationship with our clients and team members is the foundation to the quest for excellence. Our dedication and commitment to delivering a quality product tends to create a magical bond with our clients and team members that result in a friendship lasting much longer than just the construction phase.
“When you partner with us, you will not only realize your dream of a fabulous new home, but you will have fun and enjoy working with our team, as well. We’ve made so many new wonderful friends over the years…with those that we once called, clients!” – Tyler Frank

LEADERSHIP WYC_GR1kOur team is diverse and all have the education and/or experience to cover almost every aspect of the building process. Tyler worked as the VP of Mercedes homes in Texas before coming back to whitefish to focus on his passion of building custom homes. Bear is our "veteran" and provides a wealth of knowledge in the building industry.  Hayley has a degree in Business that helps keep the office and books highly organized and the rest of the team has a wide range of knowledge and skillsets that inspire everyone involved to deliver extraordinary results.
There is endless knowledge to gain from working with guys with such a strong work ethic, honesty, commitment, and determination” – Tyler Frank

PASSION – Dedicating ourselves to the smallest of details throughout the entire project. Working with quality people and building quality projects is what each Malmquist team member was called to do. It’s not about “going to work”, it’s about doing what we love to do each and every day and surrounding ourselves with positive people that make a difference in the lives of everyone involved.
“Witnessing joyful tears from a customer when they enter the home we have put together is absolutely gratifying.” – Bear Barinowski

INTEGRITY - Exceeding the expectation of honesty, quality and commitment. “HOME” – the very word engages the heart. At Malmquist Construction, we understand that building is a journey of the heart, an expression of you. That journey is incomplete until the small things have been attended to, and the customer is fully satisfied. So, on the final walkthrough of your new home, close the door, dim your lights, stoke the fire and revel in the details that will bring you joy in the years to come. It is our pledge – to do the right thing the first time…every time.
“Our open book policy allows for our clients to be reassured they are getting the absolute best quality service not only on site, but inside the Malmquist office as well”
 – Hayley Scheel

EXCELLENCE – Committed to delivering an exceptional product, on time, on budget and on quality. When the goal is clear; quality, distinction, and value – construction becomes more than a trade, it becomes an art. We unite your vision with superior design, traditional materials and state of the art systems to create the masterpiece you have always dreamt. Our passion centers on creating an expression of you.
From the initial sketch through project completion, we make ourselves accountable and accessible to clients through frequent communication, site visits and personal meetings. Open, ongoing communication is critical to creating a home that exceeds one’s expectations.”- Chris Connelly


Our Process:

Transferring that vision to reality is a journey requiring the work of an artist, the skill of a craftsman, and the planning of a visionary. There are many paths to take, many people to partner with along the way. Choosing a partner who embraces your vision and has the knowledge to implement it, is the crucial first step on your journey to crafting an expression of beauty, form, function, and practicality. Malmquist Construction is here to assist you and not only the first step, but every step of the journey. Over the years, we have found the essential components to achieving success: skilled and trustworthy people, open communication and a fluid process. We balance an intricate business endeavor with artistic expression as we build a home unique to you and your loved ones. Malmquist Construction is committed to making your vision a reality.

Welcome to the journey!

Download our detailed process:  The Building Process


Malmquist Construction cares about the environment…both yours in the refuge of your Malmquist Constuction |Custom Homebuilder Whitefishspecial home and the outside world. Our emphasis on environmentally aware construction practices helps to promote a healthy connection between your home and our natural world.

A home’s value can be enhanced, and its environmental footprint reduced, when design and building material choices reflect a commitment to the future. Incorporating climate specific building systems, super insulated wall and roof components, proper ventilation and environmentally friendly materials into your dream home can promote continued health and long-term cost savings.

Malmquist Construction uses the standards of the future to enhance the life of the environment, you and your home. We truly care about all.



Community Involvement


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