Our Process

Misc_CasekitTransferring that vision to the real is a journey requiring the work of an artist, the skill of a craftsman, and the planning of a visionary. There are many paths to take, many people to partner with along the way. Choosing a partner who embraces your vision and has the knowledge to implement it, is the crucial first step on your journey to crafting an expression of beauty, form, function, and practicality. Malmquist Construction is here to assist you and not only the first step, but every step of the journey. Over the years, we have found the essential components to achieving success: skilled and trustworthy people, open communication and a fluid process. We balance an intricate business endeavor with artistic expression as we build a home unique to you and your loved ones. Malmquist Construction is committed to making your vision a reality.

Welcome to the journey!

Download our detailed process:  The Building Process